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Case Study

Working together to get to football sooner

Vikram (16), Sugna (17) and Sundar (14) are siblings enrolled in Seva Mandir's young people's football programme. Besides going to school, the girls, Sugna and Sundar, used to do all the household chores as well as assisting their parents on the farm. Their brother Vikram, by contrast, dropped out of school after 9th grade and went to a nearby town to work in a hotel. In 2018, after enrolling in SM's football programme, Vikram attended a workshop on gender sensitivity. Now he helps his parents with agricultural work and also goes to fetch water (a job that traditionally falls

to women and girls), while his sisters do the other household chores like cleaning and cooking. Sharing the work means that all three are free in time to take part in football coaching. Vikram has returned to school, and is now in 10th grade now.

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