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Covid-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to the entire world. India is following a lockdown to ensure people practise social distancing to curb the spread of the virus.

Seva Mandir is responding to this situation and we are implementing robust measures to protect our staff and the people and communities we work with. Seva Mandir has worked with communities for over 50 years to transform and improve their lives - and we continue to do so.

As with all crises, those living in poverty are disproportionately affected. Access to vital supplies such as food and sanitation materials is becoming increasingly difficult.

To relieve the situation, Seva Mandir is assisting the government in delivering food to families most in need. We are also delivering food, sanitation, and agricultural storage kits to those in the most remote locations.


But we can only do so with your help.


Your support can ensure those who live in poverty have the food and hygiene materials they need to feed their families and survive this crisis.

Our Relief Efforts

We provided families in rural, tribal and urban slum communities with vital relief packs to ensure they can survive this crisis.

Sanitation kits containing soap and detergent were distributed. Each kits was enough for a family of 5 to last 2 weeks. Furthermore, sanitary pads have been provided to women and girls, ensuring that they have quality and hygienic material to protect themselves from infection and to provide comfort. 

Food kits containing items locally used were distributed to the neediest families in hard-to-reach regions of our work area. This was conducted alongside the government's own relief efforts. Each food kits was enough to last a family of 5 for 2 weeks.

Agricultural storage kits were also distributed. These kits gave farmers the ability to store greater quantities of grain, giving them better food security.

The kits were distributed by our field team. We provided each distributor with their own basic personal protective equipment, which included masks, hair nets and gloves. They were trained and given advisories to ensure they were safe and followed social distancing during their work.





Total Kits Distributed



  Sanitation Kits



  Sanitary Pads


Food Kits


  Storage Kits


  Safety Kits






Seva Mandir has created a series of videos and posters explaining how to properly protect yourself during distribution, how to safely distribute the sanitation and food kits, and how to maintain proper hygiene.

These resources are available via this link. More resources will be added with time and you may use them as required.

Report on Relief Efforts

Read the full report on Seva Mandir's Covid-19 Relief Efforts here

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