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Seva Mandir has drawn up and seeks to adhere to the following polices:

Gender Policy

Seva Mandir aims to promote the development of a society in which men and women enjoy equal opportunities and rights at every stage of life and are able to uncover and nurture their full human potential. The organisation seeks to achieve this goal by preparing and empowering women to participate responsibly in development activities, and enhancing the base of women staff members working at all levels and in all programmes so as to provide positive examples of women's leadership and participation.

Sexual Harassment Redressal Policy

Seva Mandir recognises its responsibility towards safeguarding and protecting all its women

members from harassment either by an internal or external source and is committed to providing and ensuring a safe, harassment-free working environment to all its women members. A committee considers any claims put forward.

Children and Young People's Protection Policy

Seva Mandir is committed to actively safeguarding children and young people from harm and ensuring that children's right to protection is fully realised. Seva Mandir promotes safe practices relating to children and young people and seeks to protect them from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation in any form.

FCRA Compliance

You can find a copy of our most recent FCRA report here.

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