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Towards A Water and Food Secure Future

Colgate supports Seva Mandir to partner with rural communities to manage water security, which thus additionally prompts food security for families.
Bhurki Bai, from Kadha village says, "Our animals have been able to get water throughout the year because of the anicuts [water harvesting structures]. Many women from nearby villages also come here with their animals."

With continued support from Colgate, we have completed construction of eleven water harvesting structures (anicuts) and more than hundred wells have been recharged. The total volume of water replenished is 93,607 cubic meters (93,607,000 liters). 

The increased irrigated land is helping farmers to take up additional crops in their farm, have better access to safe drinking water and support livestock.
With focus on improved land and water assets, we are committed to bring best practices in water restoration and agriculture for our communities. We are hopeful that these activities will help numerous individuals returned back to villages with restricted options for income in villages of Southern Rajasthan.

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