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Improving Education in Government Schools

As of 2019, Seva Mandir has begun to work on improving the access to and the quality of government primary schools. Government schools are available in some villages with which Seva Mandir works, though they suffer from teacher absenteeism, a lack of subject-appropriate teachers, a scarcity of learning materials and poor infrastructure and hygiene facilities. A study conducted by Seva Mandir showed that some students were unable to read and write after 4–5 years of enrolment. Students also informed us that, aside from pressure to begin working to support their family’s income, the lack of facilities in the schools between Classes 5 and 8 was a reason not to continue in the government schools.

As a result, we have begun working with schools and teachers to improve standards.

We are creating Resource Rooms with books and educational games, establishing laboratories and improving the hygiene amenities in the schools to give the children access to better facilities. Where class sizes are too big for individual government teachers to handle, support teachers are used to provide additional help. Furthermore, the teachers undergo rigorous training to improve their own capacities and the quality of learning they can provide.


We are working with 21 government schools reaching more than 1,000 children in total. As a result of our intervention, 75% of children in Class 1-4 and 45% in Class 5–8 will be able to read and write after two years.

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