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05 Jun 2020

World Envrionment Day: Dheeraram's Message

This world Environment Day, we celebrate and recognise the achievements of the rural and tribal communities in southern Rajasthan. Through their determination, community action, and partnerships, they are rejuvenating the environment in southern Rajasthan, for nature.

'Save our forest, plant trees together'

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Dheeraram, President of the Van Utthan Sansthan, shares a message of collective action in a song written and performed by him.

Created and now facilitated by Seva Mandir, Van Utthan Sansthan is a federation of committees working for the protection and management of common property resources such as forests and pasturelands.

Dheeraram's message of working together is more important than ever. Nearly 70% of land in the area Seva Mandir operates in is undergoing rapid degradation and desertification.

Seva Mandir, in partnership with rural communities and federations such as Van Utthan Sansthan, is unabated in its efforts to rejuvenate the environment using traditional and indigenous techniques.

Find out more about our work on Natural Resources by clicking here.


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