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Kamal Singh - A lifeline to rural communities

Kamal has been working with Seva Mandir for more than 14 years.

His job as a driver has always been crucial to the organisation, but with the outbreak of Covid-19, his role is now a lifeline between the city and the rural communities.

When the lockdown started in the 3rd week of March, Kamal, like many people, was unsure of what to expect. The local government in Udaipur granted Seva Mandir a pass to continue all essential travel, meaning Kamal could continue his vital role.

‘The sector we work in is to help people. That is our number 1 priority.' Kamal says proudly. ‘The people in the villages are in a desperate need of support. My job puts me at risk as I am travelling between different locations, but it means these families in the rural communities can have the supplies they need to survive the lockdown.'

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