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Home Isolation Care


Home isolation for Covid patients is challenging in villages where houses are small and several family members share limited facilities. Isolation for women headed families depending on migration or daily wages for livelihood is even more difficult.

We are building capacities of many frontline workers, community institution leaders and village volunteers to understand symptom monitoring, use of oximeters for self assessment, encourage vaccination and Covid appropriate behavior. Sanitation kits with education material are provided to families with members infected by Covid-19. Education, care and health monitoring during home isolation are important to check the spread of illness among other families and to help patients are referred on time if condition worsens. Seva Mandir has started home isolation care in 6 blocks of Udaipur district. The kit includes 12 masks, soap, detergent, sanitiser and education material for the family.

A group of volunteers and government frontline workers identified from villages, equipped with safety gears, are trained on home care and monitoring. The volunteers have oximeters, thermometers and reference guide. They visit or keep in touch on phone with home isolated families every day. Till now, about 372 families have received homecare kits and 4 cases with critical symptoms were found. The patients with critical symptoms are explained and encouraged to immediately visit nearest health centre

Regular follow up, counselling and facilitating timely referral is also a major component.

"People have started sharing about their symptoms and asking for help and medicines after community leaders starting talking about it" a government health worker shared.


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