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Bhimraj - The importance of food security

More than 80% of the people in the area that Seva Mandir works in are subsistence farmers. They and their families rely on growing enough produce to support themselves. However, in southern Rajasthan, that is no simple task.

Udaipur and Rajsamand districts are in the heart of the Aravalli mountain range - a region characterised by dry, undulating landscapes, regular droughts and irregular monsoons. Farming here is no easy task.

Central to Seva Mandir's work is building the food security of farming families. This is done through developing more efficient water management systems, regenerating common lands, building the knowledge and capacity of farmers, and providing them with the tools and seeds they need for successful growing and harvesting.

These farmers are no strangers to hardship, and they have a resilience and strength that helps them to survive. But life is not easy.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, that has become even harder. Having strong food security means that these families are able to feed themselves for longer.

Farmers like Bhimraj.

‘Help from Seva Mandir has been a big relief - especially in this crisis.' Explains Bhimraj, who is able to support his family with the vegetables that he harvests. ‘My family are not getting any income due to the lockdown, but we have enough vegetables to feed ourselves. We will be able to sell some in the local market once the lockdown ends.'

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people like Bhimraj and their families disproportionately. By supporting farming families and by regenerating the natural environment, we can ensure they have the ability to support themselves in the long-term.

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