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Annual Events

Mohan Singh Memorial Lecture

On the anniversary of the birth of Dr Mohan Singh Mehta, a lecture is organised every year by Seva Mandir, The Mohan Sinha Mehta Memorial Trust and Vidya Bhawan (another organisation founded by Dr Mehta). The speakers who have delivered these lectures include renowned academics, political thinkers, bureaucrats and many other esteemed public figures.

Mohan Singh Memorial Lecture 2018 : India Abroad: Our Diversity and Our Neighbours, by Shri T.C.A. Raghavan

The Annual Umed Mal Lodha Memorial Award Ceremony and Lecture

The Umed Mal Lodha (UML) Trust was constituted in the memory of the late Shri Umed Mal Lodha who gave a new direction to Seva Mandir's wasteland (now natural resources) development programme in the 1980s and 90s. The UML Trust holds an annual award ceremony and memorial lecture. Awards are given to village leaders and communities who have shown exemplary dedication and commitment to the restoration of their common property resources.

You may like to read Silver Fodder by Firouz Ardalan, covering stories of the women recipients of the UML awards.

See also The Waste Land by Nandita Roy, a collaboration with Seva Mandir, published by National Foundation for India, reprinted 2008, which describes the lives of villagers in this area.

2018 UML speech by Dr Brij Gopal.

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