You and Jasmine, Udaipur

How good do we feel when our hopes are accomplished. When our prayers are answered, our efforts gives the desired results and when our dreams comes true. The story below is about a small girl whose name is Jasmine. This story will define the meaning of above lines, how she made efforts to follow her dreams.

jasmineBefore three years, her days would be spent in helping her mother in the household chores. Besides this, she would take care of her newly born younger brother and would also assist her father in farming. In the afternoon she would hear noise of children rushing to home after attending the rural school. While listening to those sounds Jasmine would wonder if she could also go to school and learn things she can only dream about.

One day she asked her parents if they would permit her to go school. Her parents especially her mother said that it would be difficult for them to send her to school. Since she needed someone to help her with household work and looking after the little baby. Jasmine was sad to hear this.  Her parents felt bad too. They didn’t know if school would avail anything to their daughter. They know that girls in their neighborhood have dropped out from a government primary school in the past.  They were convinced that Jasmine too, would drop out soon, even if they allowed her to go to school.

Jasmine’s uncle one day, had a conversation with her parents. In his conversation it turned out that some kids who have started going to Seva Mandir supported Rural School are doing well in their studies. He encouraged them to also send their daughter to school. Especially if she has a keen interest. Jasmine’s parents looked at each other. They agreed to give it a try.

Jasmine got admitted the next day  in Level C at  the Rural School. She was happy to be there and since the school was not too far away it was easy for her to reach there.  This school in Palesar has been there since 2003 and every year 10-12 children pass out and join government school for higher studies.

In the beginning Jasmine didn’t know how to read and write and how to count numbers. Slowly she started learning everything. The instructor engages all the students in various group activities which helps them identifying the letters. He would use pebbles, charts, pieces of twigs and flash cards to help the kids recognize the letters, count numbers and do simple math and forming words. Jasmine loved the friendly environment and interacting with other kids. Only in a year she cleared the C level. At the level B she was able to write words and do simple calculations. She was thrilled as now she could read out things written in the village around the walls of her house. Her parents were delighted to see their daughter scribble things around the house.  After another year, she was now in Level A.  She learned to make sentences with the words and could execute complex calculations.

Now this is 2011. She has graduated from the Rural School early this year. She is now able to  read and write sentences independently with comprehension. Recently she was admitted in a Government school. Everyone was so proud of Jasmine as she got enrolled in sixth standard. Jasmine’s uncle was so happy to see her progressing in her life. She is not only been able to help her family with household chores a little but she has also worked to hard to study. Her hard work and progress made Jasmine’s parents proud.

Jasmine did it. Many other kids can also do it if they also have a chance like Jasmine.

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