Bada Bhilwada and Amod Balwadi, Jhadol Block Brief Update 2013

Seva Mandir’s  205 Preschools (Balwadis) are reaching out to 5,003 young children every year.

The Kinderhilfsstiftung Doris Und Hubert Kuhner, Germany, supports two balwadis in Jhadol Block.

Hi, I am Oliver from England.

I’ve been working for Seva Mandir in NRD (Natural Resources Department) since the start of September and I’ve been working on the cookstove project which is part of CDM (Clean Development Mechanism).

On the 14th December 2012,  volunteers were invited on a field visit to some of the other sites and projects that Seva Mandir had been working on.  It was an amazing day ,very interesting and inspiring. We visited the Jhadol block and our first stop was a pre-school or Balwadi of Bada Bhilwada village.

We arrived and there were about 30 children who initially all looked absolutely terrified by us.


We spoke to the teacher who had been working there for the past 13 years. She said that initially the children attended school in a very dirty state but that she spoke to the parents and explained that this was not good enough and that they should clean and care for their children better.  She also explained that some of the children were malnourished in the beginning but the school supplies food for the children, which is fortified with extra vitamins.

It was a very nice place with some toys lying around and learning materials like alphabet posters as you’d expect to see in any normal pre-school.  Normally the children would just be sitting at home doing nothing or would probably just be helping out on the farms.

Thanks to Seva Mandir the children in this village now have the opportunity to start learning from an early age and all go on to formal education.   

It has been found that the children graduating to school from Balwadis are more attentive, happy and have better understanding compared to non-Balwadi children.We have experienced this during our field visits and discussions with community and teachers of formal schools. The Sanchalikas have also visited school and met school teachers and taken their feedback. The teachers say that the Balwadi children enjoy school and perform better than non-balwadi children and appreciate efforts done in Balwadis.

As we all started to get up and leave with the children still staring and gazing at us with a little bit of fear I decided to turn into a giant kid and chase them around.  The kids ran like mad, partially from fear but slowly coming to the realisation that I wasn’t so bad and just a normal person.

One minute later as soon as I would turn my back the kids would creep slowly towards me and as soon as I’d turn around they’d run off screaming and laughing.  It was so nice to see these children so happy and healthy and it was truly inspiring and so nice to see some of the other types of work Seva Mandir are involved in.


It is with your support that these children are enjoying their childhood at Bada Bhilwada and Amod at the Balwadis. Thank you for making a difference.

Thank you, The Kinderhilfsstiftung Doris Und Hubert Kuhner, Germany!