Securing The Future Through Self Help Group




Premi Bai Lohar lives in Kagmandra, village of Semal panchayat in Badgaon block. She is a member of a self-help group since January’ 2010. Her group comprises of 20 members. The group has been very active from the day of its inception. There has been regular inter-loaning and re-payment in the group.

The group took a loan of Rs. 2,40,000/-  from their village corpus in February 2010. Premi Bai received a loan of Rs. 20,000 from the Gram Vikas Kosh (Village Development Fund) for Meenakari business that she was involved in.

“Meenakari” is a traditional form of art which was introduced in the country by the Mughals. It is an art of enameling metals like gold, silver and copper. This form of art has been practiced in the area extensively for the past 30 years and Premi Bai and her husband have been involved in this profession since last 7 to 8 years.

They do meenakari on silver metal. They bring silver from Nathdwara, a neighboring town of Rajsamand district, which is around 80 Km from her village, do meenakari work on it and sell the finished goods in the market.

In the past, due to unavailability of money, Premi Bai and her husband were unable to buy silver in large quantity from the market, due to which they could sell lesser quantity of goods and therefore earned Rs. 4000 (approx.) per month, which was not sufficient to support their family of 7 members.

The loan of Rs. 20,000 provided a boost to their business. They were now able to buy the required raw material in bulk, as a result they could sell larger quantity of finished goods in the market.

Today, Premi Bai and her husband are earning Rs. 8000 per month (approx.) from this business and their economic condition has significantly improved.