On July 1st, we shared a very special day with the State Bank of India. SBI generously donated school bags filled with stationary to all 60 of the children at one of our Non-Formal Education centres. The Regional Manager, D. C. Mamgain, along with his wife and daughter, and the HR Manager, Rajesh Khatri, accompanied Seva Mandir staff to the Varvalia NFE in the Badagon work block. Upon arrival, the children and the NFE staff greeted us warmly.




The program started with introductions from both sides, and Mr. Mamgain asked the children if they understood how a bank worked. The children responded that they knew it involved money, but that was the extent of their knowledge. Staff from Seva Mandir explained to the children that the bank functioned as a much larger version of their village’s Women’s Self Help Group, another of our initiatives. Following this, several of the children sang songs for everyone to enjoy. Mr. Mamgain was very impressed with these, especially since they were in the children’s native dialect.


The SBI employees and Seva Mandir staff then began distributing the bags, filled with a drawing book, pens and pencils. The children eagerly awaited their name to be called, running quickly to the front to receive their gift with excited smiles on their faces. They then lined up, all wearing their shiny new bags, to receive the lunch that SBI and Seva Mandir was distributing. The happiness was evident from their laughter as they posed for pictures proudly with their bags on display. Mr. Mamgain’s wife, Rashmi, stated how impressed she was with the children’s good behavior and the teachers’ hard work.


The Seva Mandir family would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Mamgain and Mr. Khatri and the rest of SBI for these wonderful gifts for the children of Varvalia School. It is important for us to build local partnerships and we greatly appreciate this joint effort!