Road Safety Event

“If you will drive at 40km/hr we will meet again and again, but if you will drive at 80km/hr we will meet in Haridwar.”

“Speed gives us thrills but it also kills”

“Drive slowly, save you family!”

These were some of the messages that students from twenty different schools, gathered at Road Safety Event, wanted to convey to the community at large. They made posters, with very meaningful slogans around road safety awareness, and also expressed their opinions and innovative suggestions for increasing awareness about this overbearing issue that affects all families from any walk of life.




The event was organized by Vidya Bhawan Safety Concern Center in collaboration with Rafe Bullick Foundation (Seva Mandir) and Road and Transportation office (RTO) for the Road Safety week. The event was organized at Teacher’s College of Vidya Bhawan on 18th January 2014. The event was organized to create awareness about the Road safety rules among the kids. All of their paintings were displayed at the event.






The chief guest for the event was Chief RTO office of Udaipur. Mr. Yakub Khan was the co-coordinator of the event.

Different activities were organized like poster making for senior class 9th-12th standards, a questionnaire for junior classes were distributed based on safety rules and regulations wherein they had to write about what a common man can do to make changes in the road safety according to as we keep blaming on government and police. After that a first-aid demonstration was given by a medical team from GBH American Hospital. They taught children how to act in an emergency or an accident. It was followed by questions from the students.


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(A report by Alisha Siyal, volunteer- Seva Mandir)