Press Release- The Delwara Heritage and Community Walk-2013

The inauguration of, ‘The Delwara Heritage and Community Walk and Sadhna’s Fall 2013 Clothing Collection‘ by the Union Minister of  Culture, Ms Chandresh Kumari Katoch was not just about culture but also about how communities were built over a long period of time, getting rid of barriers such as caste, religion and gender.

The event commenced with a speech by the General Secretary, Narayan Ameta, in which he described the journey of Seva Mandir in Delwara starting from 1980. He spoke at length about the journey of women in Delwara and how they have evolved into being more self reliant. Ameta also gave credit to the women in and around Delwara and said that without them, Seva Mandir and Sadhna’s journey would have been incomplete.


Photo- Local Delwara girls walked the ramp showcasing Sadhna’s Fall 2013 Clothing Collection


Following this, the CEO of Seva Mandir, Priyanka Singh said that, “Without the cooperation of the society, panchayats and the National Foundation of India, Seva Mandir would have never been able to grow as much in terms of reaching out to various communities and helping them forego their differences.”

After this, group discussions were held in which people who were attending this event were divided into five groups. Each group was assigned a topic, which included sanitation and cleanliness, water, women’s issues, self governance and youth involvement. These group discussions brought out the problems that still remain to be solved as well as the challenge areas for Seva Mandir to work on.

A cultural event was held after the discussion and it was the youth from the community in Delwara that participated in this. The cultural event included folk dance, theatre and recitation of poems.

After the Union Minister of Culture arrived at the event following the heritage walk that she had taken, she distributed certificated to the six young guides who will be conducting the heritage walk in the future.



Photo- More than 300 people attended the event


Priyanka Singh gave a speech soon after that in which she spoke about Seva Mandir’s work areas and said that as an organization, “Seva Mandir believes that everybody wants to do good work.” After this Chandresh Kumari Kattoch gave a speech, which was much appreciated by the audience.

“I have lived in Rajasthan as a kid and I have seen that women hardly get out of their house so it is nice to see the change, Seva Mandir and Sadhna has brought in the lives of these women. It is important that women become more aware about their rights and learn to stand up for them as well. I would like to congratulate Seva Mandir, for the work it is doing, Chandresh Kumari Kattoch said after the launching the new collection of Sadhna for Fall 2013.

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