New Workers’ Training: An Experience

It is said that inductions can be quite monotonous when you join a new job and the mundane lectures on the mission, vision and achievements of the organization are sometimes extremely boring to listen to. But this was not the case in Seva Mandir’s induction program and new workers’ training from 23rd to 27th of September at conference hall and Kaya Training Center. Innovation is needed every day to see changes in the society and this holds true mainly for grassroots organizations. Seva Mandir has truly lived up to its reputation of innovation even in its induction program and to good effect.

The training started with new employees introducing each other in the conference hall (though we knew each other for quite sometimes but hardly spoke to each other) and the awkwardness of not knowing each other since such a long time disappeared in a jiffy. It was followed up with a history of Seva Mandir which was not only interesting but also enlightening since details of 45 years of its journey cannot be found in the website as well. For the first time, I came to know the work of the different units in Seva Mandir and their method of operation.



We all were then taken to Kaya Training Center. This created a space for all of us to interact in a better manner. The cool breeze in the morning, the sumptuous breakfast and the cup of tea, set the ground for the day-long rigorous sessions of the induction program.

The sessions were not only precise and relevant but also poignant as well. I realized why an employee sticks to an organization in spite of having umpteen and lucrative opportunities to change over. I learnt the Gandhian principles of “Gram Swaraj” and how Seva Mandir’s mission and vision correlates to these ideologies. This was particularly important for me since I left a well paying semi-government job to join      Seva Mandir since I could identify with its principles. I was mesmerized while listening to the experiences of the Block Coordinators and General Secretary.



For the first time I learnt livelihoods in a completely different perspective and for the first time after college I found the opportunity of asking so many questions. Equally interesting were the debates on government schemes like RTE, CFR and MGNREGS and sessions like the one on leadership.

For me one of the prime attractions of the entire training was the post dinner cultural activities. I will never forget the nursery rhyme by Victoria, the cacophony of antakshari, the qawali song by Manoj and the complete out-of-tune song by myself   (I did it for the first time!). Five days of training finally ended and left me craving for more.





(By Soumyajit Auddy.  Soumyajit joined Seva Mandir on 26th of August 2013 as Programme Associate in IGP Unit. Before joining Seva Mandir he worked for 16 months in JEEVIKA as Young Professional, looking after non-farm livelihoods vertical.)