Monsoon founder Peter Simon visits Seva Mandir

Monsoon Accessorize Trust is one of Seva Mandir’s highest regarded contributors, with a long standing working relationship filled with understanding and empathy.

Peter Simon visits Sadhna

The trust is celebrating their 40 years anniversary in 2013, which Seva Mandir also did not long ago, and being one of  two senior organisations collaborating together is truly a privilege.

For their anniversary, founder Peter Simon wished to present the work the trust is doing together with Seva Mandir, through a shoot of Monsoon Accessories taken place in Rajasthan, and casted for the shoot was beautiful model Yasmine Le Bon.

The Monsoon Accessories trust is supporting a pre school in Negadia, an immunization program taken place in 60 different camps in Undithal, and has recently started up a pilot project for scholarships in the village of Malaria. On top of that, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust is also starting a new fashion range together with Sadhna in Delwara, and in November 2012 Monsoon Accessorize Trust together with Peter Simon and Jasmine Le Bon came to visit a few of Seva Mandir’s sites.