Learning Camp Ending Ceremony

On the 15th on March, a ceremony was held in Kaya to celebrate the ending of one of our learning camps. The camp started the 28th of January and ended the 16th of March, where 103 children, 51 girls and 52 boys, attended on three different levels. One of our great donors, the general manager of Hotel Lake Palace, Mr. Shyam Kaikini, attended the ceremony and handed out diplomas to the children. Miss Priyanka Singh was also present and held a speech where she said that every year she visits the camp she can see improvements, but that it is very sad that due to lack of funding we have to reduce the intake of children. Thankfully we have friends like Mr. Shyam Kaikini, and hard working staff so that we can make the most of the education for the children that are attending.

Two girls, Chagni  and Jamuna, both held speeches where they talked about their stories, both very similar; they had grown up doing household work and was never allowed to go to school, this learning camp was their first learning experience. They were now motivated to continue their studies and planned to attend to Government Schools. A boy, Kheli Ram, also held a speech were he shared his story about how he had been going to a Government school, but that the teacher was beating him so badly that he dropped out. He stayed home for three months before he went to the learning camp, which he now enjoyed so much that he doesn’t want to go back home.

The children also performed a play about the importance of educating girls, and there were two groups and one solo performance of dancing. They only had a few days to practice – but impressed with their skills and joyful execution.

grad ceremony

Presentators and audio technician


Excited about the show


Diplomas handed out to the students at the end of the ceremony