Kali is now living with her husband

Kaali lives in village Nandwail. She is married to Amba Lal, and her brother is married to her sister-in-law. After few months of her marriage her in-laws started torturing her. Her husband also didn’t support her. One day her husband beat her badly and asked her to leave his house. She was so hurt that she left the house and went to her parents’ home in village Umariya. After few days Kaali’s husband came and took his sister back home saying that if Kaali doesn’t stay in his house, his sister too wouldn’t stay with his wife’s brother’s house.
Kaali’s parents approached the Caste Panchayat leaders of village Umariya to resolve the issue. The leaders of caste panchayat went to Nandwail village and talked to Ambalal’s family and asked them to settle the matter. But his family refused to send their daughter and denied to take Kaali back to their house.
Kaali’s family spoke to leaders of Women Resource Centres about the issue. The WRC leaders called for Ambalal’s family but they refused. The WRC leaders visited Ambalal’s house in Nandwail village, to talk to his family. Initially they resisted to talk to them saying that they will not accept Kaali and also will not send their daughter back to her husband’s house. It took the leaders a lot of persuasion and convincing. Finally Ambalal’s family agreed to settle the issue. Currently both Kaali and her sister-in-law are happily living with their husbands and in-laws.