Inspirational Story – Som Balwadi

Kanu is a year and a half year old baby. She would often fall sick and get irritable. The reason behind her poor health was that she would often be left unattended and play in the dirt all day long. As a result of this, she became very weak physically. Her parents couldn’t provide her with adequate care and treatment due to their poor economic conditions and lack of awareness.

The Sanchalika of Som Balwadi, Pusha Devi, observed Kanu’s situation. She encouraged her parents to send Kanu to the Balwadi. Kanu joined the Balwadi a few month ago, and since then her physical condition has been improving. At the Balwadi Kanu washes her hands, enjoys eating the food and plays with the other kids. As her parents slowly were seeing improvements in Kanu’s health, they were very thrilled. Kanu doesn’t fall ill too often now, and she looks much happier. Moreover, her parents don’t have to worry about Kanu when they are gone for work.

The Sanchalika speaks with Kanu’s parents regularly and updates them about her activities. She has been speaking to them about the significance of hygiene, and what it takes to keep a child healthy. Kanu’s mother is very grateful to Pusha Devi for her support and everything she’s done for Kanu.