Inspirational Story – Pushpa



Pushpa is a 13-year-old student from Girwa Block, south of Udaipur. Her first time at the learning camp, she felt overwhelmed by the structured and controlled environment of the Kaya training facility, where the camp is located. As one of the older students in the camp, Pushpa felt ashamed that she was in the C level class with much younger students.

The latest session in Feb-March was Pushpa’s second camp. One day, during the final weeks of the camp Pushpa was sitting beside the camp coordinator, who was writing in her diary. The coordinator, Shobha ji, noticed that Pushpa was nearly in tears as she watched her write, and asked her what was wrong. Pushpa responded, expressing her excitement that she could actually understand what Shobha ji was writing in her diary. Yet, she was also upset because she did not know if she could continue her education after the camp. Her worry was that she would be forced to marry before being able to continue her schooling.

Pushpa, who comes from a rural village, told Shobha ji that the camp has completely changed her goals and awareness about society. She felt inspired by Shobha ji, who was an educated woman from the city, and asked her how she could lead both a professional and domestic life at the same time. Before, she thought that such a lifestyle would have never been possible for a woman.

For Pushpa, the education she received at the learning camp opened up new possibilities and aspirations. Despite the fact that she is behind the standard education level for her age, Pushpa is determined to continue her studies. She is nervous about having to marry soon, but hopes that her parents will see the value in allowing her to receive a good education and become a professional. At the beginning of the camp, she said she would have never thought such a life would be possible for her.