Grow Vegetables to make $ 1,590

Some farmers in village Peepad signed up for vegetable cultivation program of Seva Mandir. Others too showed interest in cultivating vegetables when they saw the progress made by former farmer’s group. Therefore they also decided to grow vegetables on their farms The 37 farmers out of 42 requested for good quality seeds of Cluster Beans. With Seva Mandir’s help 3 farmers who were representing the entire group (42 farmers) went to Udaipur City in order to explore various kinds of seeds available for the Cluster Beans. After close research the farmers selected the “Sarit Soumya 700” variety. It was bought and distributed to selected farmers (39 who showed interest in growing cluster beans).

The total farming area is 21.5 bighas that these farmers cultivated on. In the beginning, the farmers didn’t receive a fair price for their crops but later, as their total produce increased as a result of better rainfall. The farmers were able to make good income. A total of 13,300 of cluster beans were produced from the total 4.59 hectare of land. They sold their produce between Rs 10 – Rs 25 (below $1) stabilizing the price at an average of Rs 18 per kilos.

In total they all earned an income of more than Rs 236,800 (USD 5,262). Apart from cluster beans, the farmers also  grew other vegetables like Ridge Guard, chilies, coriander, pumpkin, lady finger (okra), tomatoes, moong (Green gram) and  earned Rs 711,00 (USD 1,590).