Communities want to keep good records

In January – February two meetings were held with village communities. The communities were reviewing their development processes and transparency in maintaining their records. The discussions held with the communities from Girwa and Kherawa block, focused on appointing an account on a cluster of villages. The communities were exploring the feasible size of a cluster, remuneration of the account, and the roles and responsibilities of the accountant etc.

In Girwa, particularly, the communities also reviewed their work on a number of development issues that they have carried out so far. In group discussions, it turned out that the communities like to do more with their common property resources and supporting development initiatives such as rural schools and balwadis. Many of these communities have successfully worked for the management of pasturelands and forests protection, installed lift irrigation systems, supported families with fodder and grains during droughts, organized cattle camps, managed seed banks, created opportunities for income generation, supported development by appointing a guard or paid for the teachers’ or sanchalikas for Balwadis. These activities have helped communities meet their immediate needs and their cohesion has also strengthened as a result. The democratic practices have brought them together and created opportunities for them to voice their challenges. The communities realize to strengthen their records and therefore, discussed ways of improving their books.

Similarly in Kherwada, the communities proposed to appoint a skilled account on a cluster level. A cluster will consist of few villages together and the account will be responsible for keeping their records. These villages will together support the cost of keeping their books. Those villages that are not able to support the cost of keeping their records may seek help from Seva Mandir. These meetings are a symbol of vibrancy in these communities and their capability of bringing the change. The discussion held in these meetings is the kind that inspires confidence and faith in development work.