Collector of Rajsamand District visiting Seva Mandir

The Collector of Rajsamand District visited the field area of Seva Mandir on 19th August 2011. The purpose of his visit was to understand its work and history. He visited Ushan and Barawa villages of Badgaon Block. The visit included Seva Mandir run Balwadi, Rural School, watershed & pastureland development work. During the day, he also visited an anganwadi in Ushan village.

He was very impressed with the Balwadi of Seva Mandir as compared to an Anganwadi he visited later in the day.  He observed that in the Balwadi the room and children both were tidy. The Sacnhalika was able to engage the children in various activities. The children sang songs for him and showed him their drawings.

After visiting the watershed and pasturelands in Barawa village, a meeting with villagers was another highlight for him. The villagers were very happy about his visit. They told him about the various activities carried out in their village for the last decade and a half. They have access to more food grains, water and fodder now as a result of the programs done by Seva Mandir in their village. They said that the projects done by the Government are implemented very differently. The management, planning and monitoring of overall programs is  often of poor quality, which leads to poor results and lack of confidence in Government.

The visit ended with a meeting with Seva Mandir staff in which the Collector was exploring if Seva Mandir could help run some of the Anganwadi, Primary Schools and Primary Health Care centres. It was concluded that Seva Mandir will work on the proposal and explore the modalities with the Government in future.