Aimee Marshall helped raise incredible Rs 100000

Aimee Marshall hosted a fundraiser through and at her son William’s school, St Benedict’s Primary school. Together they impressively raised over Rs. 100,000 for our rural school program!

On 14th January Aimee with family visited Seva Mandir. They were first taken to the village Chali to see a rural school, Shiksha Kendra. Since the 14th was a holiday and no classed were held, some activities with the kids were organized instead, such as making kites and playing local sports. Afterwards they visited a preschool, and a nearby sanitation project (with a dry toilet). They also met with the staff at Seva Mandir to talk about the other work that has been done in the village.

Thank you Aimee with family for your time and effort, and the incredibly donation you helped raise, it will for sure make a great difference for the kids in our rural schools!